Amsterdam - Where to Eat!

Amsterdam - Where to Eat!

The Food:

The food here was delicious. I had a lot of eggs  & lobster and I was OK with that!  Once we landed we checked in and headed out to a late lunch. We went to the Libertine which was a 5 minute walk from our Hotel and we both enjoyed soft boiled eggs with tomatoes, cheese in a skillet and a piece of garlic bread. That night we had reservations at Soho House Amsterdam since it was a block away from my Hotel and I went Friday night for dinner and drinks.  We sat at the restaurant and both were craving burgers! That was shocking for Veronica since she isn’t really a meat eater but after a day of travel it was much needed. 

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Dallas BBQ & Fashionably Full

I partnered with Dallas BBQ to enjoy a delicious dinner with some of my best friends! When I think of Dallas BBQ I think of hearty and delicious comfort food. Growing up in NYC - Dallas BBQ was always my go to for dinner, especially when I was craving something on the heavier side.

One of my favorite thing on the menu is the onion loaf! I had to describe to my friends what an onion loaf is and it is a loaf of fried onion rings. ((Could it get any better than that))

We also started with the hot chicken wings and cool ranch and and order of the new truffle Mac and cheese. BBQ to me means Mac and cheese, fried food & ribs!

For our entrées we ordered chicken and ribs! I ordered a quarter chicken white meat and BBQ ribs with rice. I love the rice and ribs combo as the rib sauce tastes amazing.

Safe to say we all left extremely full & happy! Thank you so much Dallas BBQ for this partnership.

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Dumpling Day with Jac & Vee

Dumpling Day with Jac & Vee

DUMPLING DAY with Jac & Vee

Dumpling Day was a huge success! 5 hours, 6 places and 14.5 Dumplings later I have successfully became a dumpling expert. Veronica of In Love & Lace and I tested the best of the best dumpling hot spots to create a guide of “the best dumplings in nyc”

We went to 6 restaurants all located within walking distance and in lower Manhattan.

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Michel et Augustin “Bake like a French Pastry Chef”

Michel et Augustin “Bake like a French Pastry Chef”

The holidays are coming which means lot of home made treats & cookies! I partnered with Chef Michel De Rovira and Chef Augustin Paluel-Marmont and received their cookbook “Bake Like a French Pastry Chef”. This cookbook which is extremely easy to read will teach me all the skills I need to know to become the most beginner French pastry chef! The cookbook contains recipes and tips to bake delectable cakes, flavorful tarts and flaky croissants.  

In addition to the cookbook I also received a sample of different chocolate flavored cookie squares. One of my favorites were the 4 pack of dark chocolate cookie squares all make in France. 

You could find these yummy cookies at many supermarkets in NYC including Fairway, The Food Emporium, and Morton Williams. 

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Murrays Cheese - Wine & Cheese 101

Murrays Cheese - Wine & Cheese 101

Murrays Cheese is an amazing gem in the heart of Greenwich Village in NYC. Perfectly located on Bleecker Street with an huge store front and next door restaurant it is a great place to get culinary sophisticated cheese or a yummy meal. The shop has hundreds of cheese options with a very well informed and helpful staff. The plethora of options and smells could be overwhelming but the staff was so knowledgeable and able to make recommendations. This space also offers classes throughout the week perfect for bday parties, date nights or girls nights! I went with one of my BFFs for her Bday to a wine and cheese paring 101. The class was so interesting and delicious I learned which wines I preferred and how to pair cheese and wine together. Although a little pricy I definitely recommend and had such a great time! Be sure to check out the calendar for future events!

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Apres - Own your After!

Apres - is a protein reimagined drink that I plant based and clean with minimal ingredients. It its not secret that I am stepping up my workout game which means stepping up what I eat following the workout. Apres is a natural non GMO & vegan protein drink that helps replenish your body after the workout. 

Apres is all about #owningyourafter which means own the way you celebrate your body after you work out! 

There are two delicious flavors out in the market - Mint Cacao & Sea Salt Chocolate. As a chocolate lover both flavors are refreshing and taste like a treat

Core Water

Core Water

Staying hydrated this summer is key! I am trying to break my obsession with Diet Sodas by upping my water intake. I have partnered with Core water which delivers a delicious water at the perfect pH level which we are suppose to drink at 7.4 and infused with electrolytes.  7.4 pH is important because  too alkaline or too acidic can be harmful to your body, so keeping a natural balance is important. They also have amazing flavored options offering my a healthier substitute for soda. These flavored waters are USDA Organic and contain no artificial flavors and are less then 1g of sugar per serving. 

With these waters & 8  flavors of Core organic staying hydrated will be anything but boring! 

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&pizza x Fashionably Full

&pizza x Fashionably Full

Who doesn't love Pizza? I know my Italian blood craves pizza and I am so happy to have a great new pizza restaurant located so close to me! NYC has tons of amazing Pizza spots but &pizza is extra special since it is a new fast casual pizza shop where you can order customized pizzas with unlimited toppings! 

&pizza currently has two NYC locations and it is a recommend for lunch or dinner. Also for a limited time a special cotton candy dessert in champagne & rose flavors are added onto the menu, perfect for summer and for a post pizza treat

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Farm to Table Food in Napa

We ate delicious farm to table food at the Sol Bar, conveniently located in our Hotel. The dinner we enjoyed was light and perfecrly prepared we both shared gnocchi to start and then each ordered a different fish. While in Napa I also decided to do a wine flight with the meal and I am very happy I did!
We also had breakfast in town at a local diner enjoying eggs and bacon. Our last dinner was also in town a short drive away featuring more farm to table recipes and the yummiest grilled artichokes.       

Wine Tasting:
We only ventured to one vineyard during our stay but it was an adventure! We took the bikes out, about 15 – 20 mins, and made our way to Sterlings Vineyard to enjoy the scenic view and fresh wine. You had to take a gondola up to the top of the mountain where the vineyard was located which is definitely part of the appeal. We then participated in a walking tour and sipped on four different wines all very enjoyable. 

Deluxe Green Bo

For Chinese New Year a friend of a friend organized a delicious and cultured dinner in Chinatown at Deluxe Green Bo. I do not often go to Chinatown but I will definitely be going back again. Since I went on Chinese New Year there was so much excitement on the streets and at the restaurant. The restaurant was not the most upscale but it the food was amazing. I ate so many dumplings and loved every bite! We ordered a variety of food, fish, soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, egg drop soup, sesame chicken, vegetables, orange beef and a sesame sticky rice dessert.

Mamma Agata's Meatballs

Mamma Agata's Meatballs

I had most amazing time at Mamma Agata's in Ravello for a cooking class. I went with my family and was greeted by Chiara, Mamma' Daughter, who was warm, loving, and hilarious. She made us feel right at home as she introduced us to everyone! We then met Mamma in the kitchen frying up some eggplant for her famous eggplant parmesan. Once we finished making eggplant parmigiana with Mamma Agata, Gennaro, the husband of Chiara came to take over the cooking. We were treated like family and had delicious lemon cake to start, amazing wines and explored the estate and saw all of the pets! The food was delicious and the experience left many memories.

We cooked eggplant parmesan, meatballs, 3 different sauces, and my fav was the Rigatoni Bolognese 

I must say this was one of the highlights of the trip and we left feeling so fun and so happy!!

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When in Italy

For the past week I have been staying in the Southern Coast of Italy exploring and eating my way through all of the towns, Naples, Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento & Capri. 

The pasta, pizza and fish are beyond amazing. The south is known for its white fish and local sweet wine and I was sure the indulge! I am also a huge pasta lover so I had pasta at every meal. 

We ate at some of the most delicious spots 

  • La Sponda in Positano
  • Ristorante L'Antica Trattoria in Sorrento
  • Lido Azzuro in Amalfi 
  • Gelsomino in Capri
  • Mamma Agata's in Revello 


I don't usually have a sweet tooth but when I do I really go for it! One of my favorite desserts and treats is Dominique Ansel's famous Cronut. This treat is a delicate combination of a donut and croissant. This butte flaky crust stuffed with a filling is mouth watering and delicious. The flavor is changed monthly based on seasonality of the ingredients used -  this month is Blackberry Buttermilk and it is a must have if you are around soho! Oh and they are made in limited quantities so you better go early or they will run out


Byblos Miami


One of my favorite restaurants that we went to in Miami is Byblos.  Located on Collins Avenue this Eastern Mediterranean restaurant represents a marriage of strong traditional and local ingredients. The vibrant menu served family style really had a perfect dish for everyone at the table.  The fish we ordered was filleted table side and so light and fantastic. The crispy artichokes, octopus, fish, black truffle flat bread, and short ribs were our favorites. We loved the food so much that we had to make room for dessert and ordered honey donuts.

If you are in Miami Byblos needs to be added to your list of reservations! 

Gianni's at the Versace Mansion

The Versace mansion is an iconic mansion in Miami - The building itself is gorgeous and extremely detailed and then there is of course, the history behind it. The mansion is a functional hotel and restaurant serving delicious Italian food. The walls of the mansion feature stone mosaics  with such intrequiate detail. Overall we love it there but it is definitely on the more expensive end and you are paying for the vibe, especially the drink that I ordered - a 24 karat margarita.

Fashionably Full's Dinner Party Meal

For my launch party food was very important! I planned a dinner party for 20 of my friends and I wanted to cater something that would be delicious and chic! I ordered sushi from one of my favorite local sushi spots Momoya and since I wanted more of a finger food dessert I went with Momofuku Milk Bar and some of my besties brought famous Levain cookies! 

I ordered:

  • Party Platter of an assortment of regular rolls
  • Party Platter of speciality Momoya rolls
  • Platter of Crispy rice ** which is one of my favorite foods 
  • Platter of Tuna Tortilla ** another one of my favorite foods
  • Edamame 
  • 24 assorted cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar
  • 24 assorted cake truffles from Momofuku Milk Bar 


Torchy's Tacos - Best Queso in Texas

If you are looking for the best queso in Texas then you need to try Torchy's Tacos.  The queso is un-like any other it is filled with lots of flavor and the perfect texture. It is a must to try! The affordable meal is a staple every time I visit Dallas as I love the different taco options and the home made chips.  Also there is a secret menu featuring some local flavors! 

Salt and Straw Ice-Cream

One of the best ice-cream shops I have been to was in LA - Salt & Straw

You know you are at the right place in Venice Beach when you see the long line out the door, but trust me it is worth it! The flavors were unique and delicious savory and sweet. The staff was also charming and provided knowledge about the flavors and allowed multiple taste tests! I went with a scoop of Black Olive & Goat Cheese and then Salted Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and both were delicious!