Fashionably Full x Page Arizona

I am obsessed with the scenery that Page Arizona has to offer.  The town itself was a one road type of town and it was great for the two nights we were there and that would be it . We stayed at the Hyatt Place, which I really recommend. The rooms were big & clean and it was at a central location to the different restaurants and then the sites. Breakfast was included in the hotel stay but we went to Safeway and got some fruit and yogurt for our room and to munch on. 

Page Arizona is very special as it has over 96 natural canyons that you can explore. Most of these canyons are on the Indian reserve and are not open to the public but the ones that are open are breathtaking.  Since these sites are located on Navajo land you will need to visit through a tour company and they book up so definitely do some research in advance to reserve your desired time! 

 We went to Lower Antelope Canyon, Slot Canyon & Horseshoe bend as well as a boat tour through Antelope Canyon on Lake Powell.  

We used Ken’s Tours for lower antelope canyon and it was beyond beautiful!  Kens tours was organized and informative we were divided into groups of 15 people and navigated the narrow canyons. We had to go down 150 feet, which was a little slippery and scary as the ladder was straight down! I had to hold on with both hands, and bags were not permitted on the tour.  

Once you got down to the bottom of the canyon you weave your way through and see the most amazing natural rock formations. The colors of orange and red were breathtaking and I could spend my entire day there.  

The rocks formed from water and the reason they are so concave is because the water would flow in opposite directions. One side had water flowing clockwise while the other had water flowing counterclockwise. 

Lower Antelope Canyon was about a 120-foot hike straight down a steep metal latter that at times was slippery. You are not allowed to bring any belongings other than a fanny pack and camera bag sue to safety reasons and since you will need two hands for the hike down to hold onto the railing. Once you made it down to the canyon itself you were surrounded by crevices filled with sunlight and different shades of orange.  This canyon was breathtaking but very crowded since the tour company’s shuttle people in and around the narrow corners. We were in a tour group of 15 people but kept getting held up from the group in front of us 

Slot Canyon was a private canyon through Horseshoe Bend Tours. This tour was very private and amazing! You actually got alone time in the canyon to explore and reflect & of course take lots of photos. Our Tour guide Brandon was awesome too! He knew all of the perfect photo spots and the day before our tour led the Victoria Secret Angel Candice Swanpool through the canyons for a photo-shoot, so I knew we would be in good hands.  The most fun part of the tour was the 20 minute ride to the canyon. It is essentially off-roading in an open air truck and it was so fun. Veronica & I laughed the entire time since it was so bumpy but everywhere we turned was a cool and isolated open part of nature. 

Horseshoe Bend was also a private part of the land through Horseshoe Bend Tours. I also highly recommend this as the public part of Horseshoe Bend gets very crowded and that would make me extremely nervous going close to the edge with 100+ people next to me.  

The last tour we did was an water tour on Lake Powell through the Antelope Canyon there. This tour was about an hour and was not my favorite of the bunch. I would recommend renting a private boat instead and boating around on your own time as this tour felt slow and was a bit repetitive.