Self-Care Sundays

Self-Care Sundays

How do you relax? Self-care is such an important thing to practice – I love spending time on myself whether it be at the gym, focusing on my skin, getting a manicure or some shopping.

Self-care can be practices daily - it can be a few moments or scheduled time. Here are some tips I like to live by –

  • Healthy work & life balance 

  • Manage stress  

  • Eating healthy but still indulging when I need to!

  •  Spend time with people who mean the most to me

  • Spend time with myself 

Some ways I spend on myself are by always making my bed in the morning. This huge first step sets the tone for my day and helps make my living space clean and tidy. I then each morning spend time on my skin, making sure it is hydrated and apply makeup that contains sunscreen. I also spend time working out at least twice a week to clear my head and get my body moving. 

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