How to Plan a Launch Party

I love a good party but planning one is sometimes very stressful! I want to share my tips and tricks for planning a successful and fun launch party!

Before I started planning I made a list of goals - What am I trying to accomplish from the party? Who do I want the target audience to be? Will there be food? Will there be entertainment? What is my budget? 

All of the above questions helped determine what I was in for and what I wanted! For me the biggest thing was I wanted to spread the news about my Blog Launch! I wanted to create a night of fun and buzz about my blog and instagram handle @Fashionably_full . I also wanted to celebrate all of the hard work that has gone into what I have done so far! So I thought of this night in two ways 1. Grow my following & 2. Celebrate my achievements! 

I wanted to do something more intimate so invited my closest friends for a dinner party. Since I am still paying for everything out of pocket (( Any sponsors out there that want to collaborate!??)) I was very mindful about budget.

The location was also very important to me! I wanted the space to be inspiring! I used a party room in my building which was able to fit 20 of my friends on a long table and I purchased fancy plastic table settings in a gold & pink tones in order to keep the room themed. 

Since I was having dinner I had to plan out food - I love sushi and figured that would be an exciting and fun meal that would not need any prep work (to be heated etc) and would be easy to serve for a large group. Since it was sushi I went to party city and thought of creative ways to set the table. 

For table decorations I wanted something classic - I purchased Succulents and used them to line the table and each guest was able to bring one home! These were perfect as they served as party favors and decorations   

Dessert were an assortment of cookies and cake truffles from Momofuku Milk Bar, I chose this since they are finger food and did not require any additional cutlery 

Lastly Photo Booth! I found IllumiFoto off of the knot's website and hired them to come to the venue and serve as a Photo Booth. This was perfect and definitely a highlight of the party. This also accomplished one of my goals of generating buzz. All of my guests loved the pictures and posted the to their own social media accounts generating interest about my blog and insta! Also I love how festive and fun my friends are so it was incredible to scroll through all the photos at the end of the night and post some of my favs! 

Since I had a limited budget I selected the things that really were important to me and invested there - Food & Photos were were the majority of the money went while planning. I also asked all of the guests to bring a bottle of wine which helped in the cost of drinks. 

I must say the launch was everything I wanted and I am so excited to see this Blog really take off!!