NYFW: 9/9 Nonie & Just In XX

NYFW: 9/9 Nonie & Just In XX


Nonie was a beautiful collection that showcased clean & sharp silhouettes . The collection opened up with different tailored looks in shades of white and cream. The sophisticated dresses looked stunning as the women walked the catwalk. Some of my favorite looks included a simple but modern twist on a white button down with tailored pants an a black dress with elegant draping almost resembling a robe.

Just In XX

 Justin, Yu-Ying Chou is a up-incoming designer known for his unique street style designs. The show had models from both genders walking down the catwalk in cool street style dressed from head to toe.A common motif was the use of hands throughout the looks. Cartoon like female hands were superimposed onto the clothing in different placements creating a cohesive collection


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NYFW: Jonathan Simkhai

NYFW: Jonathan Simkhai

Jonathan Simkhai 

 Jonathan Simkhai was an amazing presentation!  This was one of my favorite collections that I saw this season.  Jonathan Simkhai brand is a luxury ready –to-wear line for the confident woman. There was a romantic edge to every piece that matched well with the linear lines and silhouettes.  I was obsessed with almost every piece of the collection and would totally rock the looks. I loved the lace and details on the dresses. I also loved the color schemes of white with a western edge a trend that I am really looking forward to wearing this season. 

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NYFW: 9/8 Taoray Wang & Jasmine

NYFW: 9/8 Taoray Wang & Jasmine

Taoray Wang:

Wang Tao, the designer behind Taoray Wang’s experience in Japan and Europe shaped her designs today. Taoray Wang is the perfect brand for the powerful, professional & modern woman who is always trying to be on trend.  I love his use of black & pink together creating defined silhouettes with an edge to them.


Jasmine is a New York based brand, which is inspired by eastern materials and modern pattern making techniques.  The bright fabrics featuring different shades of blue and  pinks glided down the runway with flowy draping. 

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NYFW: 9/7 Affair & Vivienne Hu

NYFW: 9/7 Affair & Vivienne Hu


Affair is an international elegant ready to wear brand with a hint of couture. The label founded by Rufat Ismayilov showed sophisticated mini dresses in black and gold with my favorite dress being the gold one shoulder piece. 

These dresses had lots of intricate detailing to them from the fabric and the sparkles to tassel details and then cutouts within the garment itself. 

Vivienne Hu: 

Vivienne Hu is a New York based designer whose designs exhibit a blend of classic European Elegance blended with a down town NYC it girl style. Her feminine designs shined through from her use of pastel colors and mixed fabrics. She started her show with different pantsuit looks featuring peplums and fitted pant legs. Some of my favorite looks from her show were her dresses that incorporated a wide check print in burgundy and grey. 

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Rose Wine Mansion NYC

Rose Wine Mansion NYC

The newest pop up in NYC is Rose Wine Mansion located on 5th avenue, and it is by an instagram dream! The timing of the pop up shop could not have been perfect as Rose is the summers hottest drink. This pop up experience takes you from start to finish and then some on how rose is made and the history of the summer classic drink. The experience is interactive and filled with great moments. Some of my favorite were the gummy bears, champagne bubble ball pit & the opportunity to make your own blend. 

Of course this experience is 21+ since you will be sipping your way through every room. 

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Spring in Soho

It is officially spring (according to the calendar) and hopefully the flowers start to bloom and the weather changes to be warmer soon! Spring in NYC is very special - Soho is such a magical part of NYC filled with the cutest shops and the buzz of old meets new. Soho stands for SOuth of HOuston and is an integral part of downtown Manhattan.  Soho's cobblestoned lined streets are a popular tourist destination as well as a local favorite. There are some of my favorite shops and restaurants located in the neighborhood and there is always excited when walking down the streets there. 

Whether you are familiar or a local Soho will always be a fun and invigorating gem of NYC


Art Week - NYC

Aside from Fashion Week, Art Week is my favorite week to be in the city! 

During Art Week the city becomes the center of art fairs and artist are able to exhibit their works for the public to view and purchase. I am members of an art club, Artadia, and through them I receive VIP tickets to all of the art fairs. 

I love how art evokes different emotions, can tell a story, and be a form of self expression. 

If you are in NYC here are my top art fairs that I reccomend checking out!
Art on Paper
Affordable Art Fair


NYFW- Leanne Marshall

One of my favorite shows that I saw this week was Leanne Marshall. I absolutely loved her collection of bright, vibrant and beautiful gowns. Each one that came out was more stunning than the one before. I loved how the colors popped on all of the models. The girly and flirty silhouettes explored a scalloped motif, different necklines and different fabric illusions.  Safe to say I am very looking forward to this collection coming to life next season! 

NYFW - Enny Luap

Enny Luap was an amazing show that featured wear now clothing for the modern & sophisticated girl. Each look was tailored and perfectly styled with well put together hair, makeup and accessories. The looks ranged from a variety of dresses, pencil skirts & more casual denim looks. The easy and totally wearable dresses were my favorite and I am looking forward to seeing more from this designer in the future! 

NYFW - Negris Lebrum

Negris Lebrum was a super fun show with a 70s vibe. I loved the fashion and how the models were styled especially the accessory pairings. The handbags were amazing, I loved that there were color pops of green! Also all of the models has really cool hair. The fashions were retro dresses and skirts were in shades of burgundy, reds and blacks. The looks also featured a few really cool jackets, a trench, a glittery number and a fur all caught my eye. 

For the show I wore a more casual look with over the knee booties with an oversized teeshirt dress and my faux sherpa jacket. 

SIMPLY - NYC Fashion & Beauty Conference 2018

Saturday 2/10 felt like a Marathon day but one of the events that I really enjoyed attending was the Simply NYC Fashion & Beauty Conference Powered by NYLON. There were different stations from flower crowns and hair dos from Wen beauty, Marc Fischer shoes, Minigrown treats, a Braid bar and more! The first thing I did was check out the flower crown station. I was wearing a flirty & punk look featuring my favorite red wrap dress with flowers and combat boots. I thought the flower crown worked on the flirty & girly aspect of my look and I loved getting my hair done to compliment the crown! The station also had a Mir Mir photo booth which was awesome and a decorated swing - perfect for instagram worthy photos. 

The next station was Marc Fischer shoes! I loved seeing the new collection that are available online and checked out the newest trends. Minigrown, a noodle bar, was also there giving away juice samples and I am really looking forward to trying their noodles next time I pass one around the city. 

I also checked out the Rodial beauty station and had the chance to meet the gorgeous Maria Hatzistefanis the Founder & CEO of Rodial Beauty. Her beauty products were amazing to try and she was so sweet to talk to. Another cool station they had was the You Cam Makeup App station. This app which you an download for free on your phone uses the latest technology to apply beauty virtually to your face allowing the user to then purchase the products that are being "virtually" tried on. The technology was really cool and I had so much fun giving myself a crazy lip, smoky eye and pink hair! 

Lastly at the end of the event I checked out the Glam App station and got a super cool braid from the braid bar! Overall the day was so fun and I loved checking out the conference. 


The Dan Liu show was a spectacular show at Spring Studios on Saturday 2/10. This show titled "the spy who loved me" displayed beautiful clothing all in the theme of mystery and romance. The music fit the looks perfectly as the looks were styled with glasses from Nectar Sunglasses fitting into the allure of mystery. The 36 looks featured contemporary pieces for a variety of different women and yet was entirely cohesive. I really enjoyed the looks and the entire vibe of the show. There were a few dresses I was definitely eyeing as they walked down the runway! I loved the pink tones as well as the sillohettes .

NYFW - Oxford Fashion Studio Group Show

Another show that I attended was the Oxford Fashion Studio show featuring a group of designers. I was able to watch the Rachel Pollack & Tadazzleme shows and they both were great! Rachel Pollack was stylish and sexy evening wear featuring deep V necks and long gowns. Tadazzleme featured amazing shoes in a wide variety from booties, heels & sandals. Veronica, from In Love & Lace and I were seated in the first row which was also a treat! 


Maybelline Master Class

During NYFW I attended a Maybelline Masterclass featuring Desi Perkins & Katy DeGroot featuring their BFF Bundle of recommended makeup products. This class & interview took place at the Samsung store in meatpacking and wow was that a beautiful location and perfect space! V & I were VIP and were able to sit at the seated section below and met other bloggers and beauty influencers in our section. The Beauty Duo are not only BFFs in real life but they are also beyond gorgeous and shared their tips and tricks on how to apply makeup! I learned about contouring the cupids bow between your lips and nose as well as how important highlighter is! Hello Game changing beauty hacks! They also gifted products from there beauty bundle, and let me say, it all went on very smoothly and I am obsessed with the highlighter and eyeshadow palette. The beauty bundle is available at Amazon for $25.99 and they have the items that both Desi & Katy recommend and live by.

NYFW - 2/8/18

NYFW is such a fun and busy time!! I linked up with my BFF Veronica from @in_loveandlace and we reached out to a bunch of different shows and events and luckily have a very busy weekend ahead of us! Not only was the day amazing but it was so fun, especially having my BFF run around the city with me. 

Our first stop was House of the Creative featuring Kingsny and Khoman Room. This presentation was in Soho and the vibe was street and cool.  The clothing featured different appliques and embroidery as well as complementary color tones in mustard and blacks. 

The next presentation was Sylvian Hyde down in financial district. This fashion  presentation featured a range of clothing and a great vibe! There were different tailored looks as well as street looks all styled with an edge. The collection had shorts, outerwear, denim, and more casual pieces, all with a clear point of view.

Next we checked out Style Fashion Week events at Cipriani and we will be back again later in the weekend.

Lastly we checked out the Shoe Box party on the Upper East Side and it was so fun! The store was very cute with clothing, shoes and accessories. I already picked out a couple pairs of shoes that I am dying to go back and buy! Everything there was on trend and I definitely recommend checking the store out. 

House of Creative -

Sylvian Hyde

The Shoe Box

Perrier Pop Up Store NYC 7.13.17

I love to take advantage of all the amazing things happening in NYC. One event I came across was the very bubbly Perrier Pop Up store in Soho to celebrate the launch of new Perrier Flavors. The Perrier Flavor Studio was awesome! It was decked out with a full bar of "mocktails" where you we able to try all of the new delicious flavors. The event included great music, an instagram worthy ball pit, a station where you got to design and customize a limited edition Perrier tote bag, and tons of photo perfect moments.


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