Silk Scarves

A signature item in my closet are my Silk Scarves. This item is so precious to me as my mother would collect them as a special present every year. This inspired her to pass down these memories and turned into a tradition of me receiving a scarf every year around the holidays and for my birthday! She wears them with grace and looks elegant inspiring my collection to grow! ((It also doesn't hurt that I have a second collection to use whenever I get a chance to peak into her closet)) These scarves are so colorful and have so many different pattern x color combinations that one of my favorite things to do with my mom is go to the store and pick out which scarf I love the most! Each year one is a surprise and one I get to pick which makes it even more fun.  

I love how easy they are to wear as well as the colors they add to any outfit! The look can instantly change depending on which scarf you put on and how you style it!