Chanel #5 x Fashionably Full

Chanel #5 is an iconic fragrance, which reminds me of elegance, beauty & sophistication. Exclusively at CHANEL from now until November 1, 2018. Available online and at select boutiques from November 2, 2018 to December 31, 2018.The bottle is part of a timeless collection making a unique gift this holiday season.

The Eau de Parfum is inspired from the Parfum sharing its floral aldehyde signature blend of Rose, Jasmine & citrus notes. 

The mention of Chanel #5 conjures up memories from the past with promises of the future. I was lucky to partner with Chanel this holiday season to share the news about this new limited edition collection of Chanel #5. I love this scent since itis a timeless fragrance perfect for the sophisticated lady in all of us. There is a nostalgic sense to the fragrance adding a clean and calming feel once applied to your skin. There is also a romance to the scent making this the perfect gift for someone special or for the boss lady in all of us as a self-purchase! Timeless as I said, every girl needs to try this iconic perfume once in her life, so why not now? Check it out to get your hands on the limited edition sleek bottle before it is gone!