Dallas BBQ & Fashionably Full

I partnered with Dallas BBQ to enjoy a delicious dinner with some of my best friends! When I think of Dallas BBQ I think of hearty and delicious comfort food. Growing up in NYC - Dallas BBQ was always my go to for dinner, especially when I was craving something on the heavier side.

One of my favorite thing on the menu is the onion loaf! I had to describe to my friends what an onion loaf is and it is a loaf of fried onion rings. ((Could it get any better than that))

We also started with the hot chicken wings and cool ranch and and order of the new truffle Mac and cheese. BBQ to me means Mac and cheese, fried food & ribs!

For our entrรฉes we ordered chicken and ribs! I ordered a quarter chicken white meat and BBQ ribs with rice. I love the rice and ribs combo as the rib sauce tastes amazing.

Safe to say we all left extremely full & happy! Thank you so much Dallas BBQ for this partnership.